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 About Us

Stonehill Medical Centre is the brainchild and realisation of a dream for Dr Flora Kontogeorgis. Together with Dr’s Etti Barsky and Linda Baigent and our team of therapists; patient well-being, clinical excellence and genuine service with a dose of empathy are our key pillars of treatment. Their team believes in holistic healthcare especially when managing chronic medical conditions. Chronic conditions impact our health due to an ever-changing modern lifestyle with its stresses and unhealthy habits.

They aim to find the balance for individual patients not only with medication but with healthier lifestyle options too. The practitioners at the Centre take into account the emotional as well as the physical ailments of all their patients, ranging from the very young to the very young at heart!

Their services offered include:

  • Family Medicine- All the regular services that you expect from your family doctor/GP. Blood pressure checks; chronic disease monitoring; acute illness and mental health issues. They see children of ALL ages – including babies.
  • Female Health- Pap Smears, Contraception advice, Guidance through your menopause
  • Integrative & Functional Medicine- A holistic approach to healing which looks at supporting your current state of health as well as managing your disease.
  • Insurance Medicals- Full medicals as requested by insurance companies.
  • Vaccinations- Vaccinations to protect you from illnesses, caused by organisms such as Influenza (Flu), Strep, Pneumonia, and HPV; can be pre-arranged and administered.
  • On-site Lab- Ampath Stonehill Depot is located on the same floor as the practice, making it easy and convenient to do blood and other lab tests, should the need arise.
  • Speech & Hearing Therapy- A Patient centred approach to speech and hearing from birth to adult.
  • Well Baby Clinic- Vaccinations, Weighing, Lactation Assistance, Solids Advice, Milestone Assessment, Home Visits, First Aid/CPR courses.
  • Physiotherapy- Their physio sees all patients requiring physical therapy and rehabilitation, and a special interest in women’s health and neuro rehab.
  • Aesthetic Medicine- Their sessional Doctor attends to all your aesthetic needs.

The Team:

Dr. Flora Kontogeorgis

I graduated from WITS Medical School in 1995. After spending some time working in the UK, I returned to South Africa where I began specialising as a Physician. I enjoyed my time in Nephrology (diseases of the kidney), Rheumatology, Cardiology and Infectious Disease.

Due to growing family commitments, I changed my course and began my career as a GP in Dunvegan, Edenvale. I still have ties to academia and am actively involved in teaching 5th year medical students during their Family Medicine Block.

Now, I am realising my dream in Stonehill Medical Centre. My passion lies in providing a good service to families in all aspects of their mental, physical and gynaecological health.

Dr. Etti Barsky

I qualified from WITS Medical School in 1999 and then went on to do my Master’s in Sports Medicine in 2012, this makes me a GP & Sports Physician.

I was the GP at the Selwyn Segal Centre for the physically and intellectually handicapped for 15 years. For over a decade my passion lay in exercise in pregnancy and the post-natal period. This has now evolved to aiming to inspire and motivate lifestyle changes to all my patients and trying to teach them that Exercise IS medicine.

I enjoy all aspects of family medicine no matter the age of my patients and occasionally explore alternative forms of healing through integrative medicine.

Dr. Linda Baigent

I graduated from Wits University in 2001 and commenced my medical career at Sandringham Gardens Home for the Aged. Here I gained experience in treating the many chronic, as well as acute medical problems common in the elderly. I also gained experience in treating patients with dementia, especially when I was transferred to Our Parents Home where they have a dedicated ward.

After the birth of my second child, I joined Dr Mark Govender at Baker Street Medical Centre where I spent 13 years looking after families, from babies to grandparents. 

After his passing in January 2021, I moved to my new home away from home, Stonehill Medical Center.

I have a special interest in Diabetes and completed the Academy Foundation Course run by the Centre for Diabetes. I love the diversity that working in a GP practice provides, engaging with people of different ages and where no day is the same.

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